Jigsaw shows almost every sign of Orrang in his behavior.

I have had Airedale Terriers for many years. This fellow Jigsaw is character. I felt I had to create a record of his activities. I hope I can do justice to his activities.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Life in the Northwest

This is Jigsaw at 4 years old, charged and ready to go. He carries his own water and treats. He lives to be on the trail looking for fresh scent. He is like an ever ready battery charged and ready to go. He has yet to meet a human that can wear him out. His life has been active and it seems like he'll never grown up as is the case with most Airedales. He is going on 6 years old now and has only slowed down a little.
Jigsaw was born in Battleground Washington, just outside Vancouver WA. He moved to Bellingham as a puppy and lives with a Standard Schnauzer 5 years his senior. They are very close although the Schnauzer is really slowing down. Jigsaw gets around and is on the trail 3 miles or more everyday. He is equally comfortable in the Mountains or Salt Water.

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  1. Welcome to blogging Jigsaw and daddy!!

    I love seeing pictures from your adventures, and I look forward to seeing more (preferably of your handsome self...hehe).

    Maybe STINKY can wear Jigsaw out since no one seems to be able to wear him out either? (mum: STINKY is "Jaffa")

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade